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Five Tips to Write Your First Novel

Is it your dream to become a writer and get your novel published one day? Well, you are not the only one. There are numerous scholars out there who hope to become greatest novelists of all time and spend most of their time in researching about the art of writing. They read hundreds of books, attend classes, and ask established writers about their experiences and process. Writing the first novel is overwhelming, you get to explore new things and experience various aspects of life. However, it is not possible to learn everything at once, you can start with understanding the small sections of the writing craft.
To assist you to take your first step to write your first novel, we have listed some tips that will guide you throughout. Take a look:
Understand what you’re writing about
Before you start writing or typing, take a moment to think clearly about your subject. Think about yourself and then your readers. What is your primary objective to pen a novel? Would you have been interested in reading the story that you are about to draft? Will your subject be worth your time and effort? The answers to these questions will justify your plot, shape your writing, and decide whether you will be happy with the result.  
Conduct organized research
Some books demand more research than others, they need you to interview people, get some real-life experience, visit unfamiliar locations, read several internet blogs and newspapers. If you want to make your story realistic and appealing, then you need to plan in-depth research systematically and make notes of all the observations, and significant points that you think can contribute in your story. This overview of individual elements of your book that you can refer to while writing keeps you focused and highlight the details that can bring your fictional world to life.
Write a story and not collection of words
The biggest problem with the manuscripts of first-time writers is that they give more of typing rather than a story. Even avid readers are not able to understand what story is until they write one themselves. They are not able to comprehend the basic structure of a plot and make it a complicated write-up with numerous complicated words and jargons. They soon stray from the main script and end up with an absurd and senseless piece of writing. You can overcome this issue by considering what you like about your favorite book or genre and what makes you crave these sorts of work.
Write relatable characters
Every writer wants the readers to spend their time on his/her book, but for that, they have to make sure to create characters that can keep them engaged. It doesn’t mean that your protagonists have to a goody-two-shoes, but they must be authentic and compelling who can hook the audience. It is sometimes intriguing to include multiple characters like Game of Thrones, but it is easier for a novice to start by focusing on one central character. You need to answer a few questions to decide your dramatis personae, such as his/her motive, the obstacles along his/her way, the changes he/she goes through the journey, etc.  
Find trusted readers
Even experienced writers make blunders in their books and get them reviewed by editors and friends to highlight the mistakes. So, being a first-time writer, it is inevitable that you have drafted a flawless first manuscript of your novel. When you are done with the writing process, find three to four trusted readers who can meticulously go through your work and give you suggestions for improvements. Jot down the points of each of them, then identify the common ones, and accept the recommendations that resonate most with you.  
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